Website Design & Development

We do website design & development

Simple landing page, multi-page website or big, fancy, complex website. We do it all, and we do it on just about any platform you need.

Don't let your website be one of the reasons why people won't buy from you.

Your website doesn’t need to have all the bells and whistles, but it does need to be easy to navigate, information needs to be readily available and it should be mobile-friendly.

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We’ve built complex, pay-walled, member only sites and we’ve built landing pages for use in targeted campaigns. We can build on just about any platform, from drag’n’drop to custom code.

a selection of our work

Sites we've built

Below is a small selection of some of the websites we’ve built. All of these sites have client management enabled, so while we built the original framework, some of these sites are now managed exclusively by our clients.

Website design & development

We can build basic sites from $799 ex GST, with larger sites, brand new sites and everything-please builds starting at $1,650 ex GST. We can build sites on a huge variety of platforms, including Shopify (we are Shopify partners), WordPress (we can provide hosting), Webflow, Wix, Squarespace, Weebly and others.

We usually run a build time – start to finish – of 8 weeks. This allows time for preparing the design, getting your approval, doing the build, issuing it to you for iterations, completing those iterations, testing and then launch. However, the final build time will depend on how complex your site is; we will discuss all of this with you when we get into chatting about the nitty gritty!

We can deliver simple and traditional, ecommerce, funnel-focused landing pages, blogs, or complex mamership-based or paywall-locked sites. With our SEO partners and digital advertising expertise, it’s also really quick and easy for us to snap on some targeted, smart advertising packages after your site is launched.


All of our site builds include:

  • A visual mockup of the site before we start the build (to confirm you’re happy with the design elements);
  • Copy creation if you don’t have specific copy you want us to use;
  • Licensed and appropriate imagery if you don’t have a collection of imagery or brand images you want us to use;
  • The release of a functional preview before we push the site live;
  • The live launch of the site, including domain configuration;
  • The setup of Google Analytics and Google Search Console if you need new accounts created, or the connection of those tools to the site if you already have them setup;
  • The integration of Facebook Pixel if you already have it setup and ready to connect to the site;
  • The connection of up to 2 integrations to the site, if the platform allows – for example, Facebook Messenger and Google SiteKit on WordPress.

We have a suite of add-ons available, like bi-monthly website backups (WordPress only) for $20 ex GST per month, or GSuite setup and GSuite hosting, to name a few. We can dicuss the best packages with you when we chat – we do offer discounts for bundled services.

That’s it. No other hidden costs. Once we have built the site, we hand the site off to you to manage, or, we retain it and can provide you with access whenever you want. You aren’t locked into a contract with us.

WordPress hosting

We don’t just build on WordPress, we host too. Yep, that’s right – two simple pricing plans – $20 ex GST per month (with no contact, cancel anytime), or $144 ex GST per year with a one-year commitment.

If you’re already hosted somewhere else, we can migrate your site for you for a one-off fee of $55 ex GST. We don’t have to be ones who built your site and you don’t have to spend any other money with us to take advantage of our hosting. There are no strings, no catches and no contracts (unless you choose the annual hosting option).

These packages are recommended for sites with low traffic demands, as they are shared hosting packages. In order to shift your site to us, you will just need to give access to your domain and current site; we’ll do all of the rest.