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The top 5 tools we can’t live without at frankworks

At Frankworks, we strive to deliver the highest quality of services to our clients. This means that there is a large amount of tools we utilize in order to achieve this goal. From communication platforms to graphic design and web hosting, there is a wide range of different tools Frankworks uses to provide our clients with the highest quality services.

1. Slack

The first and probably most important tool is Slack. Slack is a proprietary business communication platform. One of the most important aspects of any business is good communication between team members. Slack allows us to have direct communication with each other as well as create specific chat rooms for the projects we are currently working on. One of the greatest advantages of slack is that we team members can collaborate with each other when working on a project. Slack makes it easy to share ideas, videos, images, make calls and much more from the same interface. This helps with efficiency and keeps everything very organized. Project management is one of the keys to providing a successful, high quality end result. This leads me into the next tool we cannot live without at Frankworks… Trello.

2. Trello

We have covered the importance of communication between team members and on projects, but what about project organization? Trello is one of those tools that just makes sense and it is something we use on a daily basis at Frankworks. Slack is great for project discussions, but Trello is top-notch when it comes to project management. Being able to split projects up into main boards and then follow that up with project-based cards makes it incredibly easy to stay on top of what needs to be done and when. 

As I said before, project management is key to being able to provide the highest quality of services. So that is why Frankworks uses Trello, to help us stay on top of all of our projects and achieve peak efficiency in providing services to our clients.

3. Reliable Hosting

Hosting is one of the most important components of any website and considering Web Design and Development is a service we offer, hosting is a tool we really cannot live without. Frankworks uses high quality servers, with up-to-date infrastructure and software to ensure the highest possible uptime and best performance of our clients websites. Having a beautiful, eye-catching website is one thing, but combine that with lightning fast load speeds, great uptime and reliability then you are going to have an incredible online presence. 

These days, there can be a lot of confusion around hosting, do I buy the most expensive, the cheapest etc. At Frankworks we take care of that for you, we do the research and utilize the hosting we deem as the best quality for our clients, providing you as a client with peace of mind.

4. Page Builders

Frankworks uses a number of different web design and development tools, one of the most prominent being page builders. Page Builders empower us to be able to create beautiful, efficient websites for our clients. We utilize a number of different page builders such as Elementor Pro, Brizy, Divi and more. Having a wide range of page builders at our disposal means that we can provide clients with a solution that meets their needs and expectations.

As the internet continues to advance and move forward at lightning speed, Frankworks is continuously making a conscious effort to improve our methods and stay ahead of the curve. Many other agencies out there tend to specialise in one page builder software, but in our experience one software doesn’t usually provide a solution to everything. That is why we make sure to keep an army of page builders in our back pockets at all times, so we can provide the right solution for your business.

5. Canva

Canva is a tool that we tend to use quite often. When it comes to things such as social media graphics, mockups, logo and brand development, Canva is one of our go-to’s. Canva is a great design solution as it has an incredibly easy to use interface and allows for easy team collaboration on projects, which is something we like to utilize at Frankworks. Canva is just one of those tools that every agency should have in their back pocket as it is something you will need at some stage.

If you are looking to build a website for your business, or get some design work done… Get in touch with frankworks today and we can help you out!

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