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One simple package, with one simple price. No bs, lots of love, hand-crafted branding, just for your business.

We love working with you to develop brands. Everything we do is hand-crafted - no bots, no machines, no templates.

logo & branding development

A logo is a quick snippet of who you are, what your business does and your values. It’s the first thing people see, usually, and it’s the first chance you have to make an impression. That means it’s really important to have a logo and branding that clearly and accurately represents you, your business and your values. Our process is simple and our package is clear.

Recent branding work

Below is a selection of our branding and development work. For more information, click on the logo below!

Logo & branding development

There are plenty of options when it comes to drafting and preparing a logo, and the process can be quite daunting if you’re unfamiliar with it. While using online tools might seem appealing at first, it can be really difficult to try and come up with ideas if you’re trying to go it alone, and it’s even harder to edit down a list of options! On top of that, you will need your logo to be delivered to you in formats that can be used by professional printers and branding companies – something you usually don’t get from online tools.

We are really experienced in branding development for small businesses and we have a clean, clear and easy process and pricing – we’ll take all of the guesswork out and be right next to you the whole way through the process!

I just wanted to share a quick note to say thanks so much for all the work you guys have done for me so far! Laura you have made it incredibly easy for me to turn an idea into an amazing design/poster/business card etc!  We love our new logo and can’t wait to show it off. Thanks again, I look forward to working with you on our next project.

Sarah Mason

astra beauty & skinworx

The Process

Step One: Exploration

This part allows us to get to know you so that we can inject your concepts and final artwork with a bit of your personality. 

We start with a phone call or a face to face, where we ask you lots of fun questions about you – who you are, what you want for the business – goals, how you see the business, how you would describe the business and a few other things that will help us come to understand your business and you.

We will also talk about colour and style preferences, and you can also share with us any designs you have had or that you like. This could include any sketches or reference materials you’ve collected.

Step Two: Drafting & Presenting

We start sketching and preparing some concepts for you. These concepts will then be refined, and then they will be presented to you in your first lookbook.

During this phase, we take everything you told us and we go away and create concepts, whittling these down to a minimum of 3 final presented concepts for you. This process usually takes 7 to 10 working days, and is entirely human-based – a real person, with a real sketchpad (or digital sketchpad), researching and scribbling out ideas and refining them!

Often times, we will present more than 3 concepts to people (at no extra cost). This is particularly common where we’ve come away from our chat super charged up and excited, and is more likely if you’ve given us free reign on design elements and styles.

Once we have finalised the concepts, we prepare them for presentation into a lookbook, which is a PDF booklet that displays the concepts in a variety of formats appropriate to your business. This will show you what the logo options might look like on windows, vehicles, clothing, business cards or other real life items.

Step Three: Revision Round

We take your feedback and produce a revised logo concept for you.

We leave the lookbook with you for as long as you need to make comments on which concepts you prefer, or which elements you like or don’t like. We will get in touch with you after 7 days if we haven’t heard anything. We are happy to chat with you in person, over the phone or via email to take your feedback notes.

We normally ask clients to pick up to two of their favourite concepts from the first lookbook, so that we can limit the amount of refinements we are making, otherwise you will be overwhelmed with options. In some cases, clients have found it easy to sketch out what they’re visualising after seeing their concepts (usually a merge of a few elements of each), and we will then work from there to produce a few revised options, which we then present back in an updated lookbook. Sometimes, clients will go to a very minor third revision step after this, but this is usually only if they want to fine-tune something small, like line weights or small details.

We will not charge anything additional unless we have to go to a fourth revision, or a full redevelopment, but we have never had to do this yet. If we did have to do this, we would want to have a conversation with the client first about whether or not we were the right fit for them.

Step Four: Wrap it up

After the iterations are complete, we finalise your logo for you, and move on to producing your included material – like business cards, stickers, or letterhead.

We will package up your final logo files, sending you all of the relevant colour variations – usually a full colour option, a black/dark option and a white/light option. We will send you the professional print files you need and a small selection of web-ready and print-ready logo options that you can put straight into things like Word documents or email signatures.

Inside your professional print file (an EPS), we will include notes on any base fonts we used, as well as the colour codes in hex, CMYK, RGB and Pantone for the colours used. We can provide this to you in a PDF too if needed (or at any time in the future). We retain all of your branding files so you are welcome to come back in the future and have these sent to you again, or if you need a specific size or file type of your logo for a specific application, we can usually help you out with that for no extra cost.
All of our logo development packages include additional material – you can pick any two items from the list below. Once the logo is finalised, we’ll get to work on producing these for you. Up to 2 iterations are included in your package for these items (meaning you can have two rounds of changes for no extra charge). We normally nail it in the first go though, because we’ve been working with you so closely we normally have a really good feel for what you’re after!


Logo & Branding Development Prices


Our logo development package packs in over $1,000 worth of value, and includes often more than 20 hours work. For only $650 ex GST, you get:

  • A minimum of three concepts, custom-designed for you and your business.
  • Up to three rounds of iterations or changes – two major and one minor.
  • Two to three beautiful lookbooks, presenting your unique concepts and iterations in real-world environment mockups.
  • Final logo files supplied in vector format, plus a selection of ready-to-use graphic files of your logo, suitable for web or social media use.
  • A PDF of your branding shortcuts, including all colour codes and a reference for all base fonts used.
  • Your choice of any two of the items from the list below.

That’s it. No other hidden costs.

Included Collateral

You will receive any two of your choice of the items below with your logo development package: 

  • Business cards for up to 3 people 
  • Stickers (1 design) 
  • Facebook header (1 design)
  • YouTube header (1 design) 
  • LinkedIn header (1 design) 
  • Letterhead design in Word format (1 design)

Vehicle signage, large format signage and other more time-heavy designs are charged at our standard Graphic design hourly rate (unless you have a monthly services retainer – in which case, we just do the work!).