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Isolation Blues… With kids and working from home

Toyahs Top Tips to Surviving-ish

Isolation blues | frankworks

The next wave of covid (and that nasty flu) is here which means household contact isolation. We cross our fingers everyone gets it close together and it’s not dragged out for weeks on end. Pity the fool who tests positive last. 

For many mums and dads out there, the Covid Shit-uation has working from home with kids, partners and often the needy house pets who want the attention too.

We take on so many roles at this time that it’s hard to function like a normal human by the end of the day. 

In the space of a few days we will become a nurse, doctor, teacher, referee, mediator, chef and doer of all things all while trying to stay sane, refrain from day drinking and still show up for the office zoom meeting looking someone together. And even if by some miracle you do make it on time with your hair brushed, chances are the little human army; which you created by the way, is likely to bomb your screen, screem out in pain or demand food. And if you’re really lucky, they will do it all at the same time. Isn’t parenting just a treat! 

Mine recently graced my whole team with his presence mid zoom – and he was naked…. Talk about awkwardness. 

Isolation blues | frankworks

So, here are my top ways to get through the isolation games. Some are a little more PC than others, but all to give you a laugh!

  1. Chances are if you’re reading this, you were an 80’s baby. This generation grew up with the TV babysitter. And guess what, you survived! That’s right, I’m actually suggesting that you use the TV to your full advantage! Les Mills have an active toddler and kid session in the morning, its great to get their little bodies moving and get rid of some of that morning energy that they have. It lasts for about 40 minutes and is actually fun to do!

This will give you the time to have a coffee, have a shower and psych yourself into the day. Positive affirmations in the bathroom mirror are good too. Repeat after me “ I do love my children, I do love my children, I do love my children”
Really want to save some time, take your coffee into the shower with you. Brilliance! 

  1. If your kids are a little older, say 10-17 you can have a little more fun. Ever wanted that housekeeper or maid but never been able to justify the cost. Well Jackpot, you just hit gold. You know that thing called a modem which lets free the wifi connection and you know how it has a password, well that password can be changed! That’s right mums and dads, I give you Wi-bux for house work! That’s right, they want the password, they have to complete so many household chores of different Wi-bux values to get the password for that day!
    Not only does this free you up to get on with other things like work, self care and maybe even being poorly in peace, but it gives them something to do and then a sense of achievement at the end of it.
    *please note, teenagers may not appreciate this and their world may end.
  2. Are you the one who has tested positive? Want to keep your family safe and think it may be best to isolate yourself. Book a hotel. But make sure it’s one that accepts Uber Eats delivered, has wifi, sky TV and is in the delivery range of Good George. They have just released their new range of Espresso martini and I assure you,  it won’t disappoint. Here, I’ll help you with a link,  Cocktails – Good George Brewing
  1. In all seriousness this time, it takes unity as a family to get through this time and working together is what will make the difference. Split the day between shifts. Your boss will understand, and if you are the boss, go easy on yourself. It’s just a short moment in time.

    If you’re doing the solo parent thing (snaps), maybe ask an aunty or grandparent, a trusted friend to take one for the team and come and man the ship with you. If all else fails and your kids over throw you, at least you can say you gave it your all, start the day drinking and enjoy the chaos with your tiny human army. 

You got this NZ

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