Our mission is to deliver personalised, impactful advice and services to kiwi businesses, with authenticity, sincerity and honesty.

We want you to succeed, and we will go out of our way to help you on that journey. We’re accessible, affordable and we get into the action with you.

We’re very honest about who we are, and we’re authentic – we’re no BS, straight up adults who call a spade, a spade. We’re smart, sensible and experienced in the realities of business ownership, not just the theory, and we’re a local, small business, so we talk your language. 


In small teams, your people wear many hats, and as owners, your attention is spread across hundreds of details – overheads, staff, customers, production, sales, marketing, admin, money, getting more customers while keeping the ones you’ve got – it can be a nightmare.

Every service we offer is based on helping you cut the noise and set the priorities so that you can start to plot your journey to growth. We give you sound advice, solid plans, clear direction and then the fun bit – delivering to the plan.

Our collective expertise, our 100% no-BS approach and our ongoing support will help you to grow your business in a smart and authentic way.


We give sensible and seasoned advice - providing you with some level heads to help navigate issues or work through ideas.


We can introduce you to specialist experts who can cut through the noise to help get your business into ship-shape.


We will help to keep you active and in touch with your customers, so you are always engaging with the right people at the right time.


Whether you need to develop or redevelop your brand, or you just need some help in how you present it, we've got you covered.


Web development, SEO services, digital advertising and social media - we can help to make sure your digital presence is strong and cohesive.


A tall, stoic and unmistakably strong man, Frank used few words throughout his life. Coming from a blue-collar background, he emigrated his family from post-war London to start a new life in NZ. He was a man of strong morals, integrity, honesty and compassion, who took an unmistakably no-BS approach to life. frankworks is named after this pillar of strength – Laura’s late grandfather, who raised her as his own daughter.

Our Team

We’re pragmatic, sensible and experienced folk from all walks of life. We’ve deliberately stitched together a team with diverse skills but a common purpose – to deliver honest, clear and straight forward results to our clients.


Frankworks emerged in early 2016 in response to a friend’s call for marketing, sales and general business support in their small plumbing business.

Since then, we’ve added Joe, an executive partner, and a wide array of local specialist suppliers and partners. We are 100% New Zealand owned, and we’re proud to be Hutt Valley-based (we have the best coffee!) 

I’ve always been an unusual balance of arty and commercial, something that has really been a battle for me in terms of career options and ‘fitting in’. My first job was when I was 12 (child labour laws weren’t a thing then) waiting tables at craft expos at the Palmerston North Convention Centre. I spent everything I earned on craft supplies.

Since then, I’ve worked consistently, holding down three jobs in high school to make my own pocket money and often holding down multiple jobs since then. I am proud to come from state housing and a single-parent home, so achieving independence and helping others up to achieve their version of independence has been my number one motivation.

When I was starting out in work after high school, career paths were mostly engineered to favour commercial options, not the artsy options that kids like me looked for. In the end, I went down the commercial path to secure some financial stability. 12+ years later, after having accumulated experience in a number of industries – investment banking, commercial real estate, consumer retail, telecommunications, and technology & IT – I felt a calling for a change that would allow me to be a bit more balanced and true to myself, so I took a gamble and packed the corporate life in without a plan (how creative of me 🙄).

I work hard to make sure frankworks stays true to the things I place the most value in – genuine, human interactions with people that are built on no-BS, straight-up chat and pragmatic advice. I’m proud to back the people we work with to stay true to those values too.

I’m sure Frank would be proud! 


I studied Marketing and Communications in the United Kingdom at the University of Winchester, graduating with a Bachelors of Arts with Honours. I then worked as a Marketing Coordinator for the United Kingdom’s largest primate rehabilitation charity.

I moved to New Zealand in 2012, and worked for a South Island based digital advertising solutions company, which specialises in digital support for many of New Zealand’s largest advertising agencies. I have planned, executed, and created social media campaigns for companies including NZ Ski, Volvo New Zealand, KFC, and PGG Wrightson.

I also specialise in Google AdWords, demand-side platforms, and content development to get potential clients engaged and excited about your brand.