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Our story, our team & the name

The name, the team and the ethos are all the same - be frank, be honest and play fair - all inspired by the man himself, Frank.

Our mission is to deliver personalised, impactful advice and services to kiwi businesses, with authenticity, sincerity and honesty.


Our people are a reflection of our ethos. Since we offer straight-up, no BS interactions that cut through the noise to get to the point, we carefully curate our team to match. That doesn’t mean we’re all hard-asses – it means we are all driven by a few core motivators: forming meaningful relationships with our customers and then making sure we’re busting our backsides to deliver no BS results.

laura h

here to enable the team & make happy customers

frankworks emerged in early 2016 in response to a friend’s call for marketing, support for their local plumbing business. The rest is history, as they say! 

We are 100% New Zealand owned, and we’re proud to be Hutt Valley-based (we have the best coffee!)

I’ve always been an unusual balance of arty and commercial, something that has really been a battle for me in terms of career options and ‘fitting in’. My first job was when I was 12, waiting tables at craft expos. Since then, I’ve worked consistently, holding down three jobs in high school in order to support myself financially. 12+ years later, after having accumulated experience in a number of industries – investment banking, commercial real estate, consumer retail, telecommunications, and technology & IT, I felt a calling for a change that would allow me to be a bit more balanced and true to myself, so I took a gamble and packed the corporate life in without a plan (how creative of me!) – and here we are.

Not unlike a lot of kiwis, I am proud to come from state housing, solo-parent roots – achieving independence and helping others achieve their version of independence has been my main motivation since day one. I work hard to make sure frankworks stays true to the things I place the most value in – genuine, human interactions with people that are built on no-BS, straight-up chat and pragmatic advice. I’m proud to back the people we work with to stay true to those values too.

I’m sure Frank would be proud. 


jordan s


Hi! I’m Jordan Stewart, an 18 year-old from the wonderful city of Wellington! 

I was originally born in South Africa, made a move to the UK when I was 6 years old, followed by a move to New Zealand when I was 10. I got into Web Development around four years ago… I taught myself how to code in a multitude of languages and have now started to focus on WordPress, Shopify and a few other website building platforms.

 Looking past Web Development for a second, I am really into my music and love being active. 

Frankworks follows a straight, no-BS, pragmatic code… Something I stand by and believe is the recipe to being happy, finding “success” and much more!

Megan r


Initially, I wanted to study Photography but found I had a natural affinity with Design. Fast forward four years and I developed a clean design style, fine-tuned some illustration skills, and discovered a love of typography. I predominately craft by hand but am beginning to branch out into the digital world of illustration.

I’m a casual Creator of Things, as well as juggling a 9-5 job with some retail thrown in too! Outside of working life, I can be found On or around a hockey turf; I’m the crazy person in the helmet! Once that white-line-fever hits, I go from a shy, caffeinated Designer to a gutsy, caffeinated Goal Keeper.

I was introduced to Laura through a mutual friend, who thought we might speak the same creative language. As we got to know each other, our fabulously nerdy minds clicked and I agreed to join the frankworks journey to supply genuine, straight-up interactions and advice.

Why we're called frankworks

A tall, stoic and unmistakably strong man, Frank used few words throughout his life. 

Coming from a blue-collar background, he emigrated his family from post-war London to start a new life in NZ. He was a man of strong morals, integrity, honesty and compassion, who took an unmistakably no-BS approach to life. 

frankworks is named after this pillar of strength – Laura’s late grandfather, who raised her as his own daughter.